It is closed, please, go to

After a decade of successful development and modest sales
of novel customized intense pulsed UV and PEF R&D and pilot systems
we faced the R&D market saturation yet could not get investments to launch industrial sales.

So we closed SteriBeam
and re-opened wek-tec to move-on with another business model

converting some of our technologies for other applications outside sterilization.
Then the name of SteriBeam became misleading while just changing it was not sufficient.
Plus, many of our technical articles were published under our old wek-tec anyway.

Wek-tec continues to offer the same PUV, PEF R&D and Pilot systems as SteriBeam had,
with an emphasis on up to 6 logs sterilization plus introduces systems
with Intense Pulsed IR, high magnetic fields and HV corona-plasma:
Thanks for your interest in SteriBeam and see you at wek-tec.